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English chat - do it yourself
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Samedi 13 Janvier 2018

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16:00 (H-1)
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Sortie gratuite 

Not so long ago (before the industrial revolution) people were used to do things by themselve. At that time large retailers, ready-to-wear clothing or mass production didn't exist yet. So when people wanted a nice dress or toys for their children they had no choice left but to do those things themselve.

These homemade things were not necessarily of poor quality or full of flaws, on a contrary, there were often very well made and far more rugged than the nowadays items.


Mass production has accustomed us to throw things away as soon as they are broken and to buy new ones. However, it's sometimes so easy to fix them up. Just a screwdriver and Bob's your uncle.

This habit to throw things away is typical of the rich countries. In poor countrie they have no choice but to fix their things and it turns out to be effective as they also have computers, cars and so on, even though it's not brand new stuff.


Personaly I love the "do it yourself attitude". It forces you to be creative and moreover it makes you save money. But it also can be seen as a political act, like a big finger to consumerism and planned obsolescence. As you might expect, big brands and manufacturers have no interest at all to have handymen among their clients who are capabe of fixing any product in a jiffy.


Along the same lines you can also learn on your own rather than rely on a teacher's authority.   

Of course it depends on what you plan to learn, but there are many areas where a teacher is not necessary. 

This is especially true for the artistic domain. For instance many great music styles from the 20th century (like blues or reggae) were created by people who couldn't afford a music teacher.   


So come over to discuss this homemade topic ;)


Note: The waiting list is accepted.


Warning: The English Chat no longer takes place in the 6th area. So please check the location info. 


A good level of English is required.

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